November 30– 334.

Geogebra. Ending the month with one last template from the Fukagawa/Rothman book on Japanese temple geometry – the Abe no Monjuin sangaku.

The tablet asks to find the radius of the small circles in terms of the sides of the triangles.



November 29– 333

Geogebra. 3 circles are in line. Find the size of the center circle in terms of the left and right circles.


November 27 – 331.

Geogebra. This sangaku is intriguing because of the symmetrical aspect of its geometry. It asks to find the diameter of the smallest circle(s) in terms of the central circle(s).


November 24 – 328.

Geogebra. This sangaku is asking to find the size of the different segments making the upper left center triangle in the large rectangle. The reasoning works just as well with a square – and it makes for an interesting design too!