December 12. – 346

MathMod & Morenaments.
This 3D parametric surface is attributed to programmer and mathematician Roger Bagula. I slightly extended the x parameter to emphasize the interconnection of the two volumes.
Background: P31 symmetry. This group has three different rotation centers of order three. It has reflections in three distinct directions.


November 22 – 326

Geogebra. . On the original tablet (cc. lower right object)2 circles of specific different sizes are inscribed in a rectangle. I put them in a cube to see what would happen and treated the image like an old litho. Geometry is an infinite source of inspiration!


November 21 – 325

Geogebra. . The two forward objects on the weaving describe the problem: a right triangle , a circular arc, a square between them. Find the sizes of each object in term of each other. The center composition is the same problem in 3D – saved in a translucent box.


November 19 – 323.

Geogebra. Sangaku problem from the Katayamahiko shrine. Four circles of radius r and four congruent equilateral triangles of side a touch a big circle of radius R internally and also touch a small square of the side a. Find r in terms of R.

Note that on the image, the circles have been transformed in spheres, the triangles into pyramids and the square in a cube.