July 29 – 210

Mathematica 10.1 The “last geometric statement of Jacobi” says that the conjugate locus of a non-umbilic point on the triaxial ellipsoid has four cusps – which was later proved by Itoh and Kiyohara. Here is an artistic interpretation of a locus of conjugate points along a “spray” of unit speed geodesics emanating from a “base point” on the ellipsoid. From an original script by Thomas Waters.


2 thoughts on “210

  1. Dear Jean,

    I am very impressed with your artwork and the breadth of your knowledge. Keep up the good work!

    Thomas Waters.


  2. Thanks Thomas. Always good to get a positive feedback. I have to say Mathematica was of great help trying to understand and visualize what Jacobi really meant. What fascinates me in this journey – Maths, like Nature has been around us all along – It only takes a few steps to highlight this or that aspect of their beauty we did not suspect was there too!


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