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May 31 – 151

4D Draw – Truncated orthoplex – In eight-dimensional geometry, a truncated 8-orthoplex is a convex uniform 8-polytope, being a truncation of the regular 8-orthoplex. Using the Cotexer orthographic projection, I did not notice the jump to the 8th Dimension! I like the idea of it being part of an infinite family of polytopes, Byzantine domes were trying to carry that symbolism too…



May 27 – 147

4D Draw – 6-simplex. In geometry, a 6-simplex is a self-dual regular 6-polytope. It has 7 vertices, 21 edges, 35 triangle faces, 35 tetrahedral cells, 21 5-cell 4-faces, and 7 5-simplex 5-faces…. The outcome seems so closely connected to some high middle ages jewelry design – I had to add a diamond to it!



May 26 – 146

4D Draw – From the table of irreducible polytope families – 2 views of a 16 cells n-orthoplex.

In some biochemistry circles, orthoplex is also the name of a nutritional supplement used to help bring healthier mood in patients – One could also look at this image as some some strange Celtic designs from the heart of the Rhineland? – Art can be many things to many people…