The Math-Art series, August update

“The Quaste quandary”, vol. nº 8 of the Math-Art series, is now available on the iBook store @ , GoogleBooks @ . A black&white version is also available on Kindle @

This book, as well as vol. nº 7, “The Mathematical Surfer”,  features some of the works I produced at the beginning of the 12-30 project, month of January.



Math-Art series, July update

“Boy singular surfaces” –  Math Art series, vol. 6,  is now available on the AppleStore and on GoogleBooks. A black and white version is also available on Amazon-Kindle.


Jan 6,2016


The 12-30 project will continue with a life of its own this time. I’ll keep posting images as they come – when they are included in real-time exhibitions. The original (large files) will be printed 18×18 or 24×24 on aluminum or linen canvas depending on the venue and the image.

This one (#150 in the project) is part of an exhibit of my work at the JMM conference in Seattle, Jan 6-9.


December 26 – 360

MathMod & Morenaments. “Night in Russia”. A Chagall-like shape coming out of a double twist Neovius torus. After an original template by A.Taha.
Background: A pmm symmetry. The sixth symmetry consists of two perpendicular reflections It produces a “double mirror” patterns (pmm)


December 25 – 359

MathMod & Morenaments. The dervish surface is an algebraic surface related to the Togliatti quantic. I reworked the parameters with the number 18 – a very significant number in the Sufi culture.
Background: P31m symmetry. This symmetry group is part of a series of tiling based on the p3 tiling used in many ancient cultures.


December 24 – 358

MathMod & Morenaments. Linoid rewritten as an Egyptian fraction. The lidinoid is a triply periodic minimal surface named after Swedish mathematician & chemist Sven Lidin. The 3D brick, curiously takes on a tiling pattern.
Background: Pmm symmetry. It consists of two perpendicular reflections. characterized by reflections in perpendicular mirrors and produces “Double mirror” patterns (pmm patterns).