February 25 – 056.

3D-XplorMath. Pilz – implicit surface #5. Background – Mars – Bedrock in Nili Fossae Region. ESP_039493_2030.




February 22 – 053.

3D-XplorMath. Pilz – implicit surface #2. Background – Mars – Transect Across Upper Morava Valles. ESP_039497_1665.

Implicit surfaces have a timeless presence – Maybe an antique white jade ornament from Phaistos or a collar-bone from some long forgotten prehistoric creäture?



February 21 – 052.

3D-XplorMath. Pilz – implicit surface #1

Implicit surfaces are two-dimensional geometric shapes that exist in three dimensional space (Hongxin Zhang and Jieqing Feng). In this program, the surface is intersected with random lines until around 10,000 points have been found on the implicit surface.

From an artistic perspective – A Minoan vessel-like object in the Heraklion anthropology museum seemed an appropriate fit with the background. (Thanks Ttn!)

Background – Mars – Cerberus Fossae: In the Relay Zone. Part of a 2 to 20 million years old landscape that shows geologic evidence of having been formed and modified by water and lava. ESP_039121_1905.