Update 07, 2016

An updated version of [# 128 – month of May ] was in Vienna last week!

Hungarian music for the opening. Lots of good – non-Euclidian work nearby,  people that have worked on exploring Symmetry for their entire career, the Tiergarten nearby  – quite a treat!




Update 05, 2016

The 12-30 project, animated HD for the month of November  “Current Sangaku” – is now on Vimeo. Images of the sequence were originated in Geogebra. Additional credits: Yutaka Yamada, Derek & Brandon Flechter for the music.

Jan 6,2016


The 12-30 project will continue with a life of its own this time. I’ll keep posting images as they come – when they are included in real-time exhibitions. The original (large files) will be printed 18×18 or 24×24 on aluminum or linen canvas depending on the venue and the image.

This one (#150 in the project) is part of an exhibit of my work at the JMM conference in Seattle, Jan 6-9.


December 31 – 364+1

MathMod & Morenaments. Cayley cubic. I started the 12-30 project (12 mathematics visualization software/1 program a month/1 image a day in each program) January first, 2015 with a Cayley cubic done in SURFER (plate #01) – I thought it would be interesting to close the loop with a variation of the same equation 12 month later in a different environment. Background a p4g symmetry.

Thank you to all who followed & supported me through this adventure. Your presence was meaningful to me. Next? A book around Springtime to recap the journey, and maybe getting deeper in the 4th dimension – looking outside/in – We’ll see… All images are available for purchase at hermay.org

Wishing you all a wonderful 2016.