Update 11, 2016

3 little monks in a Cistercian cloister – or the inside view of a Klein bottle?

All going to the JMM 2017 in Atlanta next month!

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The 12-30 project, #211 – July 30.


Update 10, 2016

I was preparing some artwork  (The 12-30 project, #211 – July 30 ) for an upcoming exhibit and I clicked the emboss filter – almost by accident. And here it popped up – a next to perfect representation of a (topological) 4D perspective of a Klein bottle – from the outside looking in. Thanks @Mathematica, and thanks #Richard Bennigan for the original script.


Update 05, 2016

The 12-30 project, animated HD for the month of November  “Current Sangaku” – is now on Vimeo. Images of the sequence were originated in Geogebra. Additional credits: Yutaka Yamada, Derek & Brandon Flechter for the music.